To My Generation:

I would like to take a few minutes out of my morning to share the thoughts I had while walking across campus this morning.

I am so grateful to have been raised by two wonderful parents. They taught me something I thought a majority of people used; manners. Everyday I see college-aged “adults” disrespecting many places and people on campus. This morning I got on the elevator and found an empty plastic cup sitting on the floor. Without thinking I picked it up and threw it away once I got off. How hard is it to throw away garbage? Especially with all of the trashcans located at every corner on campus. Also, how hard is it to hold the door open for someone coming in or out after you? Especially for the elderly or professors. Where has all of the respect for others gone?

My parents have raised me to have manners that I hardly find in my generation anymore. This makes me sad! Most of the people my age are plugged into their headphones 24/7 too busy tweeting and texting to take a second to look others in the eyes and greet them with a polite smile or nod. Of course we are all in touch with technology, but it’s okay to put your phone down for 10 minutes on your walk to class. I promise!

But worst of all, I think the biggest impolite thing my generation can’t grasp is the idea of saying “thank you”. It’s two easy words that have more meaning than some may think. I hold the door open for people all the time and hardly ever do I hear a thank you. Do they think that door is just staying open by itself? 

Now by no means am I saying every single person of my generation is like this. Yes, there are some I know that are polite, but there are far too many that ignore manners and respect in every way possible. I’m also not saying I am perfect in using my manners 100% of the time, but I still try to a majority of the time.

So, I would like to take this time to thank my parents. Thank you for being positive role models while I was growing up. Thank you for raising me to show respect to others as well as myself. Thank you for teaching me how to be polite. Thank you for showing me how to make good choices. Thank you for reminding me every day that you love me. And most importantly, thank you for spanking me when I did something wrong as a kid. But I ask one thing of you? Can you come to campus and spank some of these kids and teach them some manners?