32 Things That Only Your Best Friends Understand



  1. Why it’s totally necessary to scream when “your song” comes on at a party.
  2. The fact that life can and does pull you a million miles away from each other, but your friendship doesn’t wither. Distance only makes the time you do have together more special.
  3. The nicknames you use for people.
  4. The things that you each like most about yourselves.
  5. Your deepest insecurities.
  6. Why you all have to awkwardly hide from certain people you see in public.
  7. The perfect time to make easy mac.
  8. The fact that it’s always the perfect time to make easy mac.
  9. When to let you get all wrapped up in your boyfriend and when to be with you 24/7 when it doesn’t work out.
  10. Your sense of humor.
  11. The fact that you’ll never actually pay each other back for anything, but it all equals out in the end.
  12. How to reason with you when…

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Becoming a Better Me

This week I begin the start of my second semester at Mizzou. With so many laughs and memories from first semester I can not wait to see what the rest of my freshman year has in store for me. Even though first semester was rough in a few spaces, I would say it has been an overall great experience so far. Right now I am the happiest I think I have ever been. I have a family who loves me and a boyfriend that means the world to me. That is such an awesome feeling! While everything may be hunky-dory right now, I have some major plans for the upcoming months.

I plan on making changes in myself. I am going to frequent the Rec and become toned again. Maybe I will even work on my fear of heights and work up the courage to rock climb more often. Of course it is great to work out and become healthier, but I also want to make changes mentally.

I would like to become more of a positive person. Whenever I am having a bad day I am going to make myself write down all of the things in life I am blessed to have. I am also going to tell the people I care about how much they mean to me more often. I feel like starting with little steps like those will easily transform into being more of an upbeat and happier person.

I am excited to see where my life will be 4 months from now. These small changes can lead to even bigger changes, but I’m willing to take the risk! I have family, friends and Landon by my side to help me along the way and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


When I try to describe death the only word that comes to mind is final.

My little hometown of Troy, Missouri lost a great man today. For those that do not know, our high school psychology teacher has been battling pancreatic cancer for the past year. A month or so ago, a high school class started a hashtag trend of #TheMixMovement. Hundreds of dollars have been raised by the community and neighboring communities in the county. The hashtag was even spread worldwide. This teacher was not just a teacher, but a mentor, friend, husband, father, hero and most recognized an inspiration. He inspired students to go above and beyond what they are capable of. Of course, he was a phenomenal teacher as well. Every student looked forward to going to his class to see what vidya (video) he was going to play that day. But today, we lost that kind man. 

Yes, his memory will forever live on in the hearts of his students, family, friends, co-workers, ect. But he will no longer be with us on this earth. That is a concept that is so hard to wrap my head around. Death is so final. Lives end and we will never see those people again.

I lost 3 grandparents within 6 months around this time during my junior year of high school. That was a mere 2 years ago and to this day I still expect them to come walking through the door any minute. It breaks my heart to know that they just aren’t here anymore. I have such realistic dreams of them coming back to see me, but I know it won’t be that way when I wake up. They are gone. 

And it’s not goodbye. I don’t think I could say goodbye. It’s only until next time. I know I will see them again somewhere. Until then, I know they are watching over me. Their bodies may be gone, but their spirits are still with us. Death may be very final, but it also gives Heaven a chance to be gifted with more angels. I know I have my guardian angels up there watching over me and now I know Mr. Mix is as well. 

19 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best Friend


Thought Catalog

1. You call her every day or multiple times a day just to tell her about little things going on in your life and to find out what’s going in hers. If you go a day or two without talking you feel like something is missing.

2. She’s the person you turn to that can instantly make you feel better when you’ve had a bad day.

3. You admire her for her kindness, generosity, patience, and ability to love unconditionally and easily consider her one of your personal heroes.

4. You can talk to her about literally anything. No story is too personal or cringeworthy for her to listen to and sometimes you feel like you can confide in her better than your other friends.

5. Your mom is pretty much the perfect partner to do anything with. Some activities are just always better to do…

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True Love

I love him. There is no doubt in my mind. Since the moment I laid eyes on him I have been mesmerized by his perfection. Everything about him just seems to fit so well with my personality.

There are many sides to him. Exposed to most, is his fun and playful side. Sometimes people can mistake this as being mean, but it’s all about perception. I find it enjoyable. Although sometimes he does get a little bit mad if I cross him at a bad time or if I annoy him.

There is also his complete opposite side. The look he gets in his eyes when he sees me seems to send sparks flying. My favorite is when he comes up out of nowhere just to be close and cuddle. He does like to play with my hair, which I do not mind. Being with him when he is like this is one of my favorite times. When he looks at me I can just feel my heart melt. I know that through all of the mad and crazy times we share, he really does love me back.

I know he will always be here for me. There is such a special bond we share that can not be broken. I can just picture him running up to me now just to come up and say, “meow”. I love my cat, Oscar!

You Shot Me Down… and Failed

Starting this weekend, life decided to throw me for a curve. Words were exchanged and a very unforgettable comment was shot my way (no pun intended). As a teenager some may say I overreacted. But how would you react if someone told you that you deserve to have a bullet inside of you? 

At that moment, I was purely shocked.

I can admit that it is okay though. It is definitely not acceptable that the situation dropped to drastic measures, but it made me realize a lot. I know that my parents are there for me. Without even being asked they were automatically trying to problem solve and make the best of this situation. Not only that, but my friends were there for me as well. Knowing that I actually have people who love me makes me feel beyond blessed.

Some may say that this is rude to make a post about such personal matter. Not everything has to be taken so negatively. Besides, there are no names being posted or comments of hatred being said about whomever it is. Personally I really hope this was an eye-opening experience for all involved. Everyone should learn from mistakes and I hope that I am not the only one who has grown from it. 

I just want people to remember that as much as it sucks to be the bigger person, do not stoop down to that level of weakness. You can rise above anything with the right mind set. As my father always tells me, “Life is a state of mind. Make it what you want.”


I can feel it weighing down on me. I feel as though I am 5,000 pounds and struggling to walk across the room. The pressures of living the perfect life are taking their toll.

Get good grades. Become involved. Be flawless. Go out and have fun, but not too much fun. Study three hours a day. Get an education. Maintain a job, a high paying job at that. Make friends. Listen to your parents. Don’t break the law. Look socially acceptable when going into public. Eat a healthy diet. Work out. Have a steady relationship. 

Woah, woah, woah. Did I sign up for this? The constant nagging from society is killing me here. 

Maybe I want to eat junk food and sit on my couch all day. This may be acceptable every once in awhile, but it is not okay to do this everyday according to society. What if that is how I want to live my life? Become a fortune teller living under a bridge with only half my teeth, that’s my dream (only kidding). Whatever I want to do, is somehow frowned upon in today’s world. This is awful.

Who are these strangers trying to influence me to be? Barbie? I don’t think so. Unless she is brunette, moderate in size, opinionated (sometimes too much), loves to eat and absolutely hates running, I’m not so sure I can fulfill this social norm. If this keeps me from finding my Ken, then so be it. I will be happy with who I am. 

I love my obnoxious laugh; it’s memorable. I love my crazy family; they keep me sane. I love the way my cats and dogs come to me to snuggle; they don’t care what I look like. I love the way my hair looks when I wake up; messy and beautiful. I love not wearing make-up in the summer; it’s so natural. I love the way my friends accept me for me, flaws and all. I love the way I am human. 

As humans we can not be flawless. PERFECTION IS NOT ATTAINABLE. These are our lives and we only have one. Lets not waste our time making sure we have others’ approval. Be yourself because if people can’t accept you for who you really are, they are just fooling themselves trying to be that ‘perfect’ person. 

Now I’m not saying go out and become a low-life. Just go out and be yourself. Our flaws make us different from one another. Embrace it. Cherish it. And most of all, just love yourself.