Twenty-something with no idea

So I’m going through this thing called life and I’ve reached my early twenties, 22 as of now to be exact. And let me tell you, it is weird. I mean weird. 

One day I’m in high school, living at home with my parents and focusing on every extracurricular activity known to man, and the next day I’m in college, living with roommates and focusing on having money while paying bills and eating and keeping up my GPA. Then I graduate. 

Ok. Cool. Exciting. But what now?

I take two seconds to look at life around me to see what my peers are doing. Ya know, maybe they can give me some clues as to where I go next. I take to Facebook, because online stalking isn’t called stalking on Facebook, it’s called “creeping.” 

Some of my friends are still in school. Some of my friends are graduating like me. Some of my friends have full time jobs. Some of my friends have part time jobs. Some of my friends are getting married. Some of my friends are growing their families. 

Ok. Cool. No one is in the same place. No biggie. I can pull something from this…

Now as I sat back and thought about what I saw, I realized that hardly any of us have our sh!t figured out. Not a dang clue as to what we’re doing. But you know what? 

IT’S OKAY TO NOT HAVE IT FIGURED OUT. Really, I’m not sure anyone figures out what they’re supposed to be doing as they get older. We are all kind of just winging it. 

So back to my story, I thought back to my life and what I wanted to do at this point. I’ve always said I want to move away while I’m young. This is a good time. (Ha, there’s never really a “good time” for anything but for mental purposes I told myself it was.) 

And now here I am, sitting in shorts and a tshirt in February in Florida. I’ve accepted a job, which I start in two weeks to the day. Brett and I have been house searching here, and we are waiting to hear back from one any second. I realized if I can’t get my stuff together, I can at least get it together somewhere warm. 

Now, back to being twenty-something and wandering around aimlessly. I think it’s safe to say everyone I saw on my Facebook is still questioning whether they’ve done the right thing or are currently doing the right thing. We all have that little voice that just can’t help but make us question ourselves. 

And I’m about to tell you that voice will forever hold you back from trying something new unless you stop listening to it. Be the great student, parent, spouse, fiancé, intern, possibly homeless person I know you are. If I listened to my little voice, I’d still be sitting in cold Missouri wondering what else I could be doing. None of us have it figured out. And not all of us are in the same places in our lives, besides the fact that we are twenty-something and have no idea. 

I’m just saying you should keep it up, because whatever you’re doing, it’s working. 


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