To Love and Be Loved

As I drove back to Columbia tonight, I couldn’t help but think about my parents.

This afternoon as I watched my dad work on the house, I was reminded of how great he is. I swear he has a never-ending supply of knowledge in that noggin’ of his, because he knows the answer to almost any question I ask him. He may have a dry sense of humor and not like when I make fascia compliments, but he has always been one of my biggest supporters. He has taught me how to be a hard worker and deliver my own success.

But as my dad was working, my mom was along side helping do the little things. We had the pleasure of cleaning siding together (yay). My mom has always been a crafty person, so she has taught me that the details do matter; they matter a lot! She has always been my shoulder to cry on, but especially my friend to laugh with. She reminds me to keep my heart light and laugh off the things that aren’t worth worrying about. She also shared her love of animals with me, but I’m not sure if this one is a blessing or curse yet…

Either way, my parents have taught me more about the person I want to become more than I think they know. They’ve taught me how to love others and myself. They’ve showed me that family comes first. I can’t even begin to express how much we all drive each other nuts sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade that for any amount of money in the world.

Then I think about all of the kids that don’t grow up in family environments like mine, and it makes me sad. I honestly believe that’s one of the main reasons I like to welcome people into my life that need help. No one should have to go through anything alone; that’s what family is for. I have a yearning to help these people, whether I know them or not. Helping people is the most rewarding feeling, because I don’t want anything in return from them. Everyone needs to know there is someone there to lean on.

All we want is to love, and be loved- and that just one of the many things I have learned from my parents.