True Love

I love him. There is no doubt in my mind. Since the moment I laid eyes on him I have been mesmerized by his perfection. Everything about him just seems to fit so well with my personality.

There are many sides to him. Exposed to most, is his fun and playful side. Sometimes people can mistake this as being mean, but it’s all about perception. I find it enjoyable. Although sometimes he does get a little bit mad if I cross him at a bad time or if I annoy him.

There is also his complete opposite side. The look he gets in his eyes when he sees me seems to send sparks flying. My favorite is when he comes up out of nowhere just to be close and cuddle. He does like to play with my hair, which I do not mind. Being with him when he is like this is one of my favorite times. When he looks at me I can just feel my heart melt. I know that through all of the mad and crazy times we share, he really does love me back.

I know he will always be here for me. There is such a special bond we share that can not be broken. I can just picture him running up to me now just to come up and say, “meow”. I love my cat, Oscar!


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