You Shot Me Down… and Failed

Starting this weekend, life decided to throw me for a curve. Words were exchanged and a very unforgettable comment was shot my way (no pun intended). As a teenager some may say I overreacted. But how would you react if someone told you that you deserve to have a bullet inside of you? 

At that moment, I was purely shocked.

I can admit that it is okay though. It is definitely not acceptable that the situation dropped to drastic measures, but it made me realize a lot. I know that my parents are there for me. Without even being asked they were automatically trying to problem solve and make the best of this situation. Not only that, but my friends were there for me as well. Knowing that I actually have people who love me makes me feel beyond blessed.

Some may say that this is rude to make a post about such personal matter. Not everything has to be taken so negatively. Besides, there are no names being posted or comments of hatred being said about whomever it is. Personally I really hope this was an eye-opening experience for all involved. Everyone should learn from mistakes and I hope that I am not the only one who has grown from it. 

I just want people to remember that as much as it sucks to be the bigger person, do not stoop down to that level of weakness. You can rise above anything with the right mind set. As my father always tells me, “Life is a state of mind. Make it what you want.”


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